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From casual to complicated, innocent to intimate, this social experiment of the heart follows five sets of singles who take a leap of faith and try to become more than "just friends." Throughout the Season, the couples must deal with the unique challenges of dating such as awkward first kisses, tests of jealousy and the inevitable reveal to friends and family.

While some count their years of friendship as the foundation for their relationship, others want to be swooned all over again.

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Another mid-50’s graduate traded the pressures of family, home and business to drive a camper cross county supporting himself by doing odd jobs. He is at a major turning point in his life, a normal part of the male maturing process that, should he be successful in navigating through the storms, will help him lead a fuller and more satisfying life, accepting the normal limitations inherent with the aging process. Women know how to express their emotions, whereas men are taught to hold their emotions back, to ‘act like a man!

A mid-60’s executive still in crisis has added a 20-something mistress into his lifestyle. What you must understand and believe is that no matter what you do, or don’t do, the outcome will be the same. He might not be alone on this search, but you probably weren’t invited, and you probably wouldn’t have been regardless of the circumstances. ’ For some, suicide is the only way to suppress the emotional pain associated with the midlife passage.

You can’t change it or fix it because you didn’t break it. As a female, you have been trained to take care of other people, to be responsible for their well-being, to make things run smoothly.

You will have to step back and let him whirl around in his search to find himself. You have been taught when relationships don’t go well it is your responsibility to correct the situation. In the case of his midlife crisis, you won’t be able to correct the situation-the answers must come from him. If you think you can change his behavior by changing yourself, you are in for a lot of anger and disappointment. Men are trained to hide their emotions but that doesn’t mean the emotions don’t exist-they’re buried deep in the recesses of how ‘real men’ act.

His wife waits patiently for the affair to run its course. You see, you are part of the problem as he sees it. He may have met someone else who seems to understand him perfectly, or reaffirms his youthfulness (as with the mid-60’s executive, above). He can’t keep up this stress of being husband, father, breadwinner! His Crisis – Your Problem You need to be aware of what’s happening to your man.

But how could anyone understand him when he doesn’t understand himself? It’s a punch right between the eyes when he suddenly realizes that he is getting older. He’s getting older – his hair is thinning, his waist is thickening, his muscles are flabby, his face is wrinkling, he’s got a t-shirt with little hand prints and ‘we love you, gramps’ in childish scrawl. Being aware will make you less apt to blame yourself for the things going wrong.

If he’s between the ages of 35 and 50, your man is blazing a trail through male midlife – he’s having a crisis.

One mid-50’s midlife graduate says it made him a better person.

He’s in an emotional storm that will test the patience and endurance of all those who love him as he comes to grips with the fact that he is no longer 25. He will be blaming you as it is, because he knows he’s not wrong.

There’s not much you can do to speed up his passage through this crisis in your lives.

He probably doesn’t want to talk about it, at least not to you.


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