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Less than a year after their episode aired, Dani tweeted that he and Kya were no longer together.

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Whether the people on the other side of the computer turn out to really be who they say they are, when they don't end up in a brawl or refuse to speak to one another again, some couples pursue a romantic relationship, others at least remain friends. Though each episode ends with a little update on the couple after some time has passed, we know a lot can happen when the cameras turn off and real life begins.

That's why we've done some fishing of our own to see who among some of the most memorable Catfish couples are still together today.

Like many catfish, Felicia always offered up excuses for why she and Mike couldn't meet.

Luckily with Nev and Max's help, the pair finally met and Felicia turned out to mostly be the person she said she was, give or take a few details (you can't be too picky when you're on Catfish, right? During the episode's epilogue, we learned that Mike and Felicia officially became a couple, and Felicia was planning on moving back to New Jersey to be closer to Mike.

The then-21-year-old thought she had been chatting on Facebook with "Jamison," a male model and Chelsea Lately cue card writer aspiring to be an anesthesiologist, who turned out to be a teenage girl named Chelsea.

Chelsea's experience being bullied in high school partly inspired her to pretend to be "Jamison" to trick other young women online.Unfortunately, shortly after the episode aired, Felicia tweeted that Mike stood her up at the airport when she came to visit him, and their relationship was over.Felicia's current Twitter profile photo shows her kissing another man, so it's safe to say she's moved on as well.Unfortunately, Us Weekly recently reported that the two have ended their engagement. Ashley and Mike communicated online for seven years before they finally met in person to discover they had both been using fake photos of themselves because they were embarrassed about their weight.If this couple couldn't stay together, is there any hope for the rest of us? Ashley was hesitant to forgive Mike at first, but then she decided to give him a second chance.After the episode aired, Dorion and Raffinee were still together, but in an interview with Dorion, Raffinee, and Alexis, the couple didn't seem like they were on the same page in their relationship.

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